Reasons Why Ladies Send Unclad Pictures

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PostParadise on Thu 19 Feb 2015, 11:02 pm

Lately, stories on leaked nude are easily found on blogs and various social media, with the ladies being the victim most times. I recently went through a friends gallery and saw nude pictures of several ladies, this got me thinking as to why ladies would still do this after so many instances of leaked nude pictures and I came out with the points stated below.

1) Desperate: I call this types the "DESPERADOS', >:( >:( some ladies would gladly send unclad pictures to guys who don't even ask cos of their desperate nature, ladies under this group do it for what they stand to gain, either to get money from rich guys or prolly trying to seduce a guy into falling for them, some ladies who feel they are getting close to menopause and still unmarried sometimes fall victim to this :'(

2) Insecurity: Insecurity lead a lot of ladies into doing things which they would normally see as abomination. Some ladies even here on nl would bluntly deny sending nudes to their bf :-X :-\, but when that guy they believe loves them pesters them, they succumb easily.

3) Slutty nature: Some ladies are like Peak Milk, the slutty nature is inside them, they are carefree and would gladly send unclad pictures to guys that request without minding the consequences.

4) Turn-on : This happens most times in long distant relationships, they do this when sexting with their bf, most especially when they try to satisfy a guys sexual urge to prevent him from cheating.

5) Peer Pressure : This types send nudes to a guy cos a friend advised them to, most times this occurs when relationships are getting boring and they seek every possible means to spice the relationship, they are vulnerable at that moment and easily fall to bad advice from friends.

6) Gullible- Ladies that fall into this category are just naturally gullible, they feel a bf has the right to see them unclad both physically and spiritually. So after showing him their physical n4ked self in the afternoon they send nude to him before he goes to bed so he can picture them n4ked in his dreams.

P.S: This is not a generalization, it only applies to those who sent, are sending, and are still going to send nudes.

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