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JOB INTERVIEW QUESTION: Introduce yourself to us

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Postemeka on Sat 28 May 2016, 11:32 pm

How to answer this kind of question.

This job interview question which goes like this "Introduce yourself to us" if for both fresh graduates and those who are looking for a better job offer.

How to answer this question

You must know that this question can be asked in different ways such as;
1. May we meet you?

2. Tell us about yourself

3. May we know you?

4. Sell yourself to the panel

This fourth question is always tempting especially to ladies with "deeperlife"  tap  mid-set.

All the above questions are pointing to a single direction which is just to introduce yourself to the panel. Like I said that the last question usually be a tempting question to ladies, don't be like a lady who was asked to sell herself to the panel she started jibing at the panel saying. "God forbid! What kind of panel is this? I have not even been given a job and you are already asking me to sell my body to you old men". After the insult, she left in anger and that was how she simply lost the job due to lack of grammatical comprehension.

Like I was saying the question is basically on the identification on your CV, which includes the following;

1. Your biodata
2. Your family background
3. Your educational history
4. Your inter personal profile and
5. Job experience(s).

For fresh graduates, job experience becomes inconsequential but then your one year National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) experience and Industrial training experience to rely on as a base to further major corporate job experiences.

Please, do not present  yourself negatively to the panel. This kind of words are not needed; "I Came from a poor family, i graduated out of community help or charity basis, My dad is a wheelbarroow pusher", all these kind of responses are not necessary and they present negative impression about you and could hamper your success.

Even if this is your real situation, never you present it to the panel because it could hinder your chances of getting that job. This is because no company will give you a job out of pity and this is the more reason you need to convince the panel of your competence of getting that job.

You need to get yourself at the point above average by presenting your response tactically from your bidata to your family background again to your educational history, further more to your inter-personal profile and finally your job experience or job experiences as the case may be.

Let your answers revolve mostly around your CV

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PostDeswimmer on Mon 30 May 2016, 10:39 am

Very cool

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