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Why You Should Learn Microsoft Excel, Access And Powerpoint

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PostParadise on Wed 13 Jul 2016, 2:24 am

Microsoft Office is a five in one software package designed by Microsoft. The five packages that make up Microsoft Office package are:
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft Access
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Publisher
• Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet management software.
Microsoft Access is a relational database management software.
Microsoft PowerPoint is a graphical presentation software.
Microsoft Publisher is a software mainly used for preparing document for printing and publishing.
Microsoft word is a word processing software.

why you should learn microsoft excel, access and powerpoint

These software packages are very essential in every field. I will explain the first three in details later in this article. There are many hidden powerful details about Microsoft Excel, Access and PowerPoint which I will unravel in this article.

Before now I used to see Microsoft Excel, Access and PowerPoint as trivial application softwares. I had this mentality until one of my friends, Jack went for a job interview and came home weeping that he lost the ob. After consoling him, I asked him how and why he lost the job. He said, “I was given a table of values and was told to use Microsoft Excel to generate a graph based on the values but I couldn’t because I don’t know how to use it”.

From that moment I forcefully developed interest in Microsoft packages, especially MS-Excel, Access and PowerPoint. I found out that these they are not trivial as I initially thought. When I explored deep into these packages, I discovered that almost all fields need them, especially Microsoft Excel and moreover, most business companies now require that you have at least a basic knowledge in these packages especially Microsoft Excel and Access before you are employed.

I will like to explain each of these packages and then elaborate more on their uses and application areas and finally show you where you some websites where you can learn them.


what is ms access
MS-Excel is an integrated electronic spreadsheet and graphics software package designed by Microsoft to perform mathematical calculations on rows and columns and produces result which can be qualitative and quantitative. It has some powerful built-in tools that allow you to perform variety of tasks for business, science and engineering. It can also be used in database management.
With those definition, you can conclude that MS-Excel is needed in every field since it is applied in business, science and technology.
MS-Excel is needed in all areas or fields. Be it Medicine, Law, Engineering, Marketing, Insurance, Banking, Education, etc. it is needed in any field where calculation is performed and where data is represented graphically from time to time.
Below are some of the uses of MS-Excel:
1. It is used in schools to prepare Students’ grade list.
2. Business Managers use it to prepare reports and budget, reports (both sales and expenses), forcasting and trend, inventory management, billing statement, workers payroll, etc.
3. It is used in Medicine to design blood pressure trackers and time cards.
4. It is used in banking and finance to calculate how long it takes to amortize a loan borrowed by a customer (which depends on the amount borrowed and the number of installments).
5. All fields including engineering use it for analysis and to represent data graphically i.e. plotting different types of graphs.

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