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What You Need To Know About Mosquitoes Bite

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PostPlatemoney on Wed 13 Jul 2016, 2:39 am

Mosquitoes is classified as the most dangerous animal in the world different researchers has hold mosquitoes as the cause of millions of Malaria cases each year. >:(
However there are some grave illness that mosquitoes bite do cause that most people were not aware of.
So whenever you get Malaria from mosquitoes bite just have it in mind that you just escape some life threaten illness that could have been pass by this same mosquito.

Below is the list of some things you need to know about Mosquitoes

1. Did you know that over one million people die every year over mosquitoes borne disease :-[
2. Did you know that it is only female mosquitoes that bite
Female mosquitoes only bite in other to get protein they need to produce eggs. They transform blood meals into eggs, so now you know that a bite from mosquitoes is a prerequisite for another mosquitoes to being born.
3. Did you know that Male and Female mosquitoes usually feeds on plant
Whenever a mosquitoes bite it doesn't really meant they are surviving on your blood, female mosquitoes only do that to make eggs and lay it on standing water. both sexes actually feeds on recter flower for nourishment.
4. Did you know that it was mosquitoes saliva that usually cause those red itches bumps on our body after thier bites. Their bites actually contains chemical that prevent blood clotting and also resist an immune reaction.
5. Did you know that Female mosquitoes that bite get attracted to people through carbon-dioxide that was exhale by the person. So whenever you breath in oxygen and breath out carbon -dioxide just have it in mind that you have just invited mosquitoes to yourself. Also they can smell carbon-dioxide from 75feet away and get attracted to you by heat too.
6. Did you know that mosquitoes are found in every continent except antartical.
7. Did you know that a bite from mosquitoes can give a disease called Yellow fever. Its symptoms usually comes such as fever,headaches, muscle ache and some times organ failure and death.
8. Did you know that a bite from mosquitoes can give you a disease called ELEPHANTIASIS.
This is a disease that cause part of body to be large and puffy like elephant.
elephantiasis is the outcome of a tropical worm infection called Filariasis and infected mosquitoes can transmit the parastic worm to people. The worm will then go ahead and block the Lymphaticc system which will turnout to swelling in the legs or any parts of the body.
9. Did you know that a bite from mosquitoes can give you disease called ZIKA VIRUS
These particular virus was firstly found in Africa around 1940s and it has spread to some parts of America, Mexico and South Asia. People that have this virus don't usually knew because its symptom comes as fever, joint or muscle pain,pink eye or rashes. It can also cause birth defect called Microcephally that can cause a baby head to be small and not fully develop fully.
10. Did you know that a bite from mosquito can give you a disease called Chukungunya Virus.
Its name is attributed to Mozambique language which literary means( that which bends up) and the primary symptom of this disease is Excruciating joint pain. Mosquitoes species that transmitted this disease are Asian tiger mosquitoes and it can only be found in Southeastern United state.

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