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Tips to know before downloading free stuffs from the internet

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PostWimpy on Sat 22 Feb 2014, 1:15 am

As you surf the web always be careful so that you may not fall a victim of virus attack. Some of the free stuffs that pose themselves before you for download are “Trojan gifts”, while some are malwares. Which will attack your device when they fully downloaded.

Some do not have anything to offer but will promise you heaven and earth just to get your details. You will only discover this after you might have signed up on their website.

Do you know that there are website scammers use to get people contacts so as to trade it to third parties as list. That is why you continue to get spam messages in your email box from unknown companies and individuals.

Here are my advices to you as go on to download books and software online for your safety and to reduce junk email in your box.

1. Do not submit your credit card number to any website for you to download a free stuff except when you want to purchase it. In this case make sure that the website is secure. The URL should be https:// and not just http://

2. If you are not comfortable with any offer, kindly ignore it or you contact your mentor or an expert to check up the website for you.

3. Check the date of the offer to make sure that the offer is a current one. It may be a discount offer that has a stoppage date, but the company forgot to remove it from their website.

4. Learn how to contact webmasters of any website. Once you have question to ask concerning an offer, send a mail to the webmaster of the website for clarification. Just know it today that behind every website, there is/are human being(s) that updates it.

5. Make sure that the company is a genuine one and not fly by night website. Beware of the free websites and blogs. They can easily be abandoned since the owners did not pay anything to have them.

6. Create a separate email address for subscribing for free information, if you are not sure of the company’s privacy policy.

7. Some of these websites will provide you with check box which asks whether you want to receive emails from them. Check or Uncheck depending on your interest and the trust you have on them.

8. When you sign up on forums, always hide your email from the public. This will reduce the rate at which you receive junk emails.

9. Never should you reply any email from a website that you knew nothing about. It might be sent by software and to reply it is to show that your email address is valid.

10. Always scan the file before downloading. This is just to make sure it is virus free.

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