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Igboists Front Page

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PostParadise on Tue 22 Nov 2016, 8:55 pm

When you first land on this forum with the forum domain name, you will first of all land on the front page of the forum, where you will have the view of the forum front page happy

What You will see at the front page of this forum are;

1. Toolbar:

At the very top head of the forum, you will see the forum toolbar, which contains the forum name at the left of the screen and the login/register for guests.

But for the forum members, you will see "Welcome Address" and "Notification".

a) Welcome Address:

This is positioned at the right side of the screen, just close to notifications. It contains the following; View profile, Edit profile, My Topics, My Post, Watched topic or followed topics, My private messages and logout.

b) Notifications:

This is where you will see every notices you are required to know as a member of this forum such as; followed topic notifications, tagged/mentioned notifications, friends request notification

2. Navigation Buttons:

The Forum navigation buttons are at the very top of the forum, below the forum header. The forum navigation buttons are; Front, Home, Search, Memberlist, login but for members of this forum will see additional navigation buttons which are; Usergroup, Profile,  You have no new messages,  Log out [User name here]

3. User menu:

The user menu is visible to the forum members of this forum. The user menu is a shortcut to your profile editing menu, where you can edit your  My Profile such as;
Edit Profile
Edit Picture
Edit Signature

You will also see "My Menu" which contains the following
0 new messages
View your posts
View new posts
View unanswered posts
Your Favourites Posts
Followed Topic

4. Shortcut to forum sections

All the sections of this forum are all listed in the front page and just below the shortcut is the featured topics which lists most recent posted or replied threads in the forum

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Hello Guest ! Do you wish to post    your information in our forum as a Guest radiohead ? If that is what you wish, then you are most welcomed  to this community. Simply send the information you wish us to post on your behave @ Contact Us nod or you can simply Register in our forum and make the post yourself thumb ups . Registering in this forum is very simple and painless happy . It just take few seconds  enjoying and you are done.

Thanks good for reading our post. We recommend that you always visit our forum and please pleading do not forget to leave a comment below. BYE bye !!!

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Lv3: Senior Member
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PostNwabiafra on Tue 22 Nov 2016, 9:25 pm

@Paradise, this is wen you doing like an admin... wink
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Lv5: Post Man
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PostBiafranpalace on Thu 24 Nov 2016, 2:52 pm

@Nwabiafra wrote:@Paradise, this is wen you doing like an admin... wink
Exactly boxing aggressive

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