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CAN Reveals The True Identity of 'Fulani Herdsmen'

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PostBiafranpalace on Fri 25 Nov 2016, 8:47 pm

The Federal Government of Nigeria has been called upon by the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, to strengthen its efforts to end the ungodly attacks carried out on farmers by some Fulani Herdsmen in the Southern Part of Kaduna state.
According to CAN, the government is not doing what is expected to end to end the killings of farmers in the area.
Rev Samson Ayokunle,who is the president of CAN, made this known while he was receiving some representatives of the villages affected by the current crisis going on in Southern Kaduna, in Abuja, stated there is every indication that there is a religious cleansing in Kaduna State.
Speaking on all what they have been through, the victims who spoke to the secretary of CAN, Godogo zone, stated that the problem which began in May 26, 2016, has turned into a nightmare due to the ‘I don’t care attitude’ of those in power and authority.
Nathan voiced out that not less than 102 persons have been killed while 215 other have been seriously injured. Over 50,000 houses have also been burnt in 25 villages, over 10000 persons have been left homeless and more than 30,000 hectres of land have been destroyed by the Fulani Herdsmen.
“Since this incident occurred, the governor have visited only one village just once, and there is religious sentiment among the security operatives.”
While speaking further, the CAN president stated that, “This is one of the problems we are having in our country. The questions that have not been answered are, are they above the law? Why does it seem like they are untouchable? Why are no arrest made? Why are those people that have been attacked be the ones who are arrested?
“When we speak of peaceful coexistence, there be respect on for both parties. We are pleading with the government, it is turning out to be an unbearable issue, shall we keep quiet when our people are being destroyed daily?
“These people that have been attacked and killed are humans and not cows, they also have the full right to live like everyone else. we are appealing to the Inspector General of Police, we are appealing to all the security agents.
“We are appealing to the governor of Kaduna State: please carry out your duties and responsibilities and let us see clearly, it is not proper to pretend that all is well while it isn’t. You remember that southern Kaduna is predominantly Christians, why is it that this is the area targeted, is this not Boko Haram in another form?
“A government official stated recently in the newspaper that the herdsmen aren’t Nigerians but are from Niger and Mali. Is it not out of point to say something like that? An you are fully equipped with what is needed to protect the country.
If the government are aware that some people are entering the country illegally, what are the duties of immigration and security agents? it is only proper to prevent unwanted foreigners from entering this country illegally? That kind of explanation should not come up again, it is totally annoying.
“What is the government trying to tell us? That we should take up arms for self defense? If these Fulani people can be going about in the day killing and they will always be unknown, when are they going to be known?
“To keep Nigeria together, first things first, it must begin from the government, before the masses. The government must give us nothing but good leadership, and this ethnic killings should be stopped immediately.”


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