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JUST IN: BUHARI under intense pressure to conduct referendum on BIAFRA, N'DELTA by outgoing Obama-led Govt

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PostParadise on Thu 01 Dec 2016, 12:44 pm

IF report making the rounds on John Kerry's recent visit to Nigeria is anything to go by, Biafra may be on it way to getting independence from Nigeria as President Obama having gotten intelligence reports from southeast Nigeria has decided to settle the Nigeria-Biafra question before he leaves office in January next year.
Available information told DailyGlobeWatch exclusively that President Obama has been in talks with Abuja on the dire need to restructure Nigeria via outright referendum to enable the various ethnic nationalities that make up the federation of Nigeria to renegotiate their status in the union, with this in view, he had no option but to dispatch his Secretary of State to Nigeria to kickstart the process and make a reasonable headway before he hands over to his successor and government being a continuum it is expected that the incoming government would start from where he would stop.
John Kerry has in fact been tasked with this arrangement who commenced his diplomatic shuttle to Nigeria and has had discussions with Buhari and the governors of the northern states.
Our source further revealed that Buhari on his part is increasingly under intense pressure to accede to demands by the Obama-led administration on Biafra referendum but the US government under Obama is mounting pressure on the Nigerian regime to urgently conduct a referendum in order to avoid a political crisis or what they described as 'a looming armed conflict' in Africa's most populous country.
The Obama-led administration determined to settle this question has reached out to the Sokoto Caliphate too to see reasons for the emergence of a lawfully created Biafra in order to avoid an armed conflict in Nigeria which could, by all means, be avoided.
The reason given by the US administration is that in the event of a crisis in Nigeria things might take a different turn with world powers taking different sides considering the presence of oil in the Niger Delta - a region which the agitators say fall within the Biafra territory.
According to our source, this is the major reason why President Muhammadu Buhari has decided to take proactive steps to ensure oil is found in the north which may take some time to keep the economic wheel of the region constantly oiled in the event of a breakup . That is why he has decided to start crude oil importation from the Republic of Niger by piping crude oil to Kaduna refinery. This is all in a bid to ensure the north does not lose out completely if the prayers of the Biafra agitators are eventually granted.
Another reason why he is unsettled and redoubled his efforts to ensure crude oil supply from the Niger Republic is his fear that the anticipated breakup maybe anytime soon under Donald Trump presidency.

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PostVenusg on Thu 01 Dec 2016, 2:20 pm

Obama is waking up....
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Postfrogman on Thu 01 Dec 2016, 2:22 pm

So, that is why buhari went all the way to Arab co3 for oil when there is oil in lagos, ondo, kogi etc worried
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