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Nigeria Has 500+ Major No Minor!#change The Curriculum

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PostIykeman on Mon 12 Dec 2016, 8:34 pm

They're things I learnt in primary and secondary school i wish I could unlearn, I live in a Nigeria that preaches Unity on paper but in reality breeds DISCRIMINATION , in primary school like millions of others I was taught that they are 3 MAJOR TRIBES(Hausa ,Ibo & Yoruba ), anyone not from any of those 3 tribes automatically falls under the category of MINORITY. Back then it didn't feel like a problem, but as I grew older I started seeing the harm in such teaching, the moment you call someone "minority" you have consciously or unconsciously told the person he is less important .
In this world ,the importance of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS can not be overemphasized , certain words have stronger effects than we realize , I did GOVERNMENT as a subject in secondary school, I now realize the (WA-ZO-BIA) influence on how we were taught ,every so called 'nationalist' I was taught about was "Ibo , Hausa or Yoruba ", then it didn't seem like a problem, but now I have come to realize Nigeria through education had always pushed the gospel of "some tribes are more important than some".
Those who came together to decide on what kids are be taught in "social studies/government " have done us no Favors, they have succeeded in growing a generation of YORUBA, IBO & HAUSA men and women who just feel they're more important than those who don't fail into the category of "3 major tribes ", honestly I don't blame anyone who has grown up thinking this way, it's the NONSENSE TEACHING/doctrine you were fed from primary school I blame , but ask yourself one question my WA- ZO -Bia(Yoruba , Hausa , ibo) people,

"What are you willing to sacrifice for true equality of all Nigerians ? "

I am Eromosele , from EDO state, kindly NEVER address me as "MINORITY " .

For true unity , we have to change certain things, personally our foundation has too many flawed ideologies, let's stop teaching kids that some a MAJOR and some are MINORITY, that teaching is mostly the reason we aren't united today.


Saw this post on Facebook yesterday
I think the writer has a point
What's your take?

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