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We'll not accept restructuring, it will leave the South more developed than North - SANI

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PostTessyp on Thu 15 Dec 2016, 7:02 am

THE immediate past Publicity Secretary of Arewa Consultative Forum, Anthony Sani, has faulted the stance of the barrage of voice calling for an immediate structuring of the country describing such calls as denial of social justice, national unity, and, balanced development.
He stated this in an interview with The Sun newspapers published on December 15, 2016.
In the interview, he spoke on a good number of national issues ranging from calls to restructure the country to the present anti-corruption fight. The former AREWA publicity secretary said that Nigerian founding fathers were not wrong in their ''decision to put natural resources into the exclusive list in all our constitutions from 1950 to 1999.The reason is to promote national unity and social justice through balanced development.''
Thus he sees the call for states' control of resources as a wrong move that will not bring about a balanced development which he said Nigeria's founding fathers had in mind when they decided to put resource control in the Exclusive List. The Exclusive List deals with matters which the Federal Government solely have the power to control and decide on.
Below is an abridged version of the interview.
Do you advocate for states ‎to have more control of their natural resources as is being suggested by those who are pro-restructuring?
When people talk of restructuring and for states to control their resources, one begins to wonder if such agitators feign ignorance of the reasons which informed the founding fathers’ decision to put natural resources into the exclusive list in all our constitutions from 1950 to 1999.The reason is to promote national unity and social justice through balanced development.
The central government should be strong enough to hold the nation united under one roof, but not too strong as to tilt the country towards a unitary system.
At present, the revenue sharing formula gives the federal govt 52 percent and the other two tiers 48 percent. I do not see how that is disproportionate in favour of the centre, but, if Nigerians feel the sharing formula should be reviewed, so be it. Already, oil producing communities are hankering that their own share of derivation be given to them directly in order to avoid situations where state governments collect the money for derivation and build five-star hotels and airports in state capitals at the expense of host communities.
So when you talk of resource control or resource ownership, one wonders how far down it will be applicable.
We should not forget that Nigeria has tried confederal arrangement with regions as confederal units and a weak centre during the First Republic. General Ironsi abolished it and replaced it with unitary system which had stronger centre. This did not go down well with the North and the West, hence the introduction of federalism by creation of 12 states as the federating units. This system was a compromise between confederation and unitary system.
This explains why some of us do not put the problems of Nigeria at the door mats of the structure of the country or form of government. We believe the problems are due to collapse of national ideals and moral values -we all share-as a result of failure of leadership.
Once Nigerians get their values and leadership right and change their ways of doing things, good things will follow.

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