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REPs Member Caution Buhari says ''BIAFRA not dead. Biafra is alive and would continue to be alive ''

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PostTessyp on Thu 15 Dec 2016, 9:56 am

AS militancy and agitation continue in the southeast and across the Niger Delta states, a well-respected member of Nigeria's House of Representatives has lent his voice to the happenings in the region which if not address will trigger off unmitigated disaster.

The National assembly member representing Abia North/South federal constituency, Ossy Prestige, made this call in an interview with The Sun newspapers published on
December 14, 2016. Hon Prestige drew Buhari's attention to the damage of the ecosystem in Niger Delta and reminded him of the need to urgently address the problem in the region.

He said if it is not addressed the agitation would not stop while also decrying the use of military force to suppress the militants. He also called attention to the money being spent on maintaining the soldiers in the region which could have been deployed in other areas if peace existed in the region.
On the agitation for Biafra, he minced no word in correcting Buhari's false impression that Biafra is dead. He reminded him that far from that Biafra is alive and would continue to be alive if the issues and problems that
gave rise to the agitation is not addressed.

As a member of police and Army committee, do you support the idea of FG dialoguing with the Niger Delta Militants?

I believe strongly that the Federal
Government should dialogue with the Niger Delta militants to end the crisis in the area. If not for any other thing, the huge amount government is spending in keeping the military in the area can as well be mobilized for other things if there is peace. So, my
suggestion to the Federal Government is that they should look at, at least the cost of keeping the military in that zone and find out sincerely that they are spending fortunes of the Nigerian money to keep those military, so the best thing is to sit
down and dialogue for us to still keep our quota of oil production which is 2.4 barrels per day and we will make more money than this slightly above 1barrel per day.

I think it is counter-productive, I intend to write a proposal to the Federal Government to undertake a visit sincerely to the area and I am sure by the time they will go back to Abuja, nobody will ever suggest to the Federal Government to send one soldier to the Niger Delta.

You talked about dialogue as the panacea to the Niger Delta crisis, what is the solution to the agitation for Biafra?

Biafra, far from what the president kept saying that it was dead, but Biafra is not dead. So far as the youth of the South East and beyond keep feeling that what belong to them were being taken and little or nothing gets to them, so far the agitation will continue. By the way I am a strong believer in fiscal federalism and resource
control. This nation, let’s tell ourselves the truth, we cannot make any headway with the present way the country is because there is no where in the world where this kind of system is practised because it creates room for laziness and for those who don’t have business in government to be calling the shots in government. We say we are operating federal system of government but we are not because there is no federal system of government in the world where every revenue/ resource goes to the center and the center will decide what will go to the states. It is wrong and that is part of what is causing all these agitations.

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