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Simple Tips For A Happy Marriage ?

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PostParadise on Sat 17 Dec 2016, 10:36 am

Making a marriage happy is not a one-sided story. Both the partners must equally contribute to the success of a marriage. So, let us look at the small tips for a happy marriage.

1. understanding and Expectations – You cannot expect your partner to understand everything. Many women feel, their partners do not understand and are not true to their expectations. Well, if you keep real expectations, then definitely your spouse will understand you better.

2. Confront your partner after a fight – Fights and arguments are natural after marriage. No two people can agree on the same thing. But, after an argument or fight, confront your partner immediately. This helps to resolve the issue, which is healthy for a marriage.

3. Communicate effectively – If both the partners communicate effectively and openly, there will not be any problem or misunderstanding. Let your partner know whatever you feel, either positive or negative.

4. Give your partner his space – If you give your partner the required space, then there would be no misunderstanding. Do not nag on petty issues. This can cause conflict in your marriage.

5. Make your partner your priority – Things do change after marriage, it is important that you make your partner your first priority now. This will definitely help to keep your marriage healthy.

6. Share your responsibilities – Share the responsibilities with your spouse. If you do so, there is no pressure on one partner. This can further help to develop trust.

7. Be honest – This is the most important commandment of a healthy marriage. Honesty and loyalty are pillars of marriage. Be honest in whatever you do
or feel. This can surely help in building a successful marriage.

8. Make some adjustments – Marriage cannot work without making adjustments. This is a must from both the sides. Make small adjustments to keep your spouse happy, and this will help to keep your marriage healthy.

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PostDecency on Sun 18 Dec 2016, 1:14 pm

Too many tips, I dont even know which one to follow.

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