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PostParadise on Sun 18 Dec 2016, 12:05 pm

President-elect Donald Trump is one person I have studies over the past decade, even more so in the last two years when he threw his hat to the Presidential elections in the U.S. Based on many many house of his interviews, policy documents, speeches, and op-eds by his top advisers, I have come up with 5 things that would happen to Nigeria under President Trump. This is what the Nigerian Diplomatic corp, National Intelligence Agency, The Economic team and others are supposed to be analyzing given America's importance in security and trade in Nigeria, but no. A Trump Presidency will lead to the following in Nigeria.

1. Establishment of U.S Military base either in Nigeria or a country sharing boundaries with Nigeria.

Rex Tillerson, Trump's nominee for S of State, is well known to Nigeria and its leaders. He has dealt so much with Nigeria as CEO of Exxon Mobile, and he would lead a final push to extending AFRICOM to the largest economy in Africa. The reason would be demonstrate American military influence in China, counter boko Haram and other terrorist group, and also for economic and security espionage. Trump was had a strong voice against Obama and urged him to send U.S troops in Nigeria to find the Chibok girls in one of his Instagram videos. Though Trump was against Americans going to helping out in Ebola, Nigeria was an exception where Trump really wanted troops. I believe he would push for some sort of Military presence in Nigeria. Would he get it? Maybe, we would watch and see.

2. Foreign aid to Nigeria would be greatly diminished.

For many years Trump has been a strong opponent of foreign aid, especially to countries whose governments are corrupt. The U.S government on the other hand use Foreign aid as a bargaining chip for countries. Regardless of how the U.S government views it. Trump is against it period. He would cut funding from USAID to Nigeria as well as funding for HIV/AIDS, and would require Nigeria to fund most of these programs. He believes in the "America First" policy, and one way he would fall in line is to cut foreign aid. For sure!

3. Number of visas granted to Nigerians would be significantly reduced.

Trump has expressed paranoia for the inflow of people in the U.S from areas of the world that are inimical to Western values. Nigeria is not, but to the world and with Boko Haram it is. He specifically said that their would be "extreme vetting" for those coming in from areas of the world plagued with terrorism. Nigeria is one of those countries that would rank high on the list when it comes to terrorism. No thanks to the uncontrolled bombings and kidnappings the festered during the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

4.There would be more U.S oil and gas investments than ever before.

One of the functions of the U.S State Department is to advance U.S business interests around the world. There is no better person to do this in terms of oil than Rex Tillerson the new U.S Sec of State and the former CEO of Exxon Mobil. With oil being discovered in Borno and other parts of the North, and with the new U.S based being established. The U.S would push for U.S oil companies to explore this oil, and make agreements with F.G to split these oil revenues.

5. The final thing is the uncertainty of Trump. Would he make a stop to Nigeria? Would he establish better ties with President Buhari? Would he be touch on Nigerians and other corrupt countries ferrying stolen wealth the the U.S We would leave this one open and just wait and see.

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PostDecency on Sun 18 Dec 2016, 1:05 pm

Lubbish crazy

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