How Your Visitors Behave When They Lands on Your Website.

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PostSpeed on Mon 17 Mar 2014, 11:18 pm

It is said that every site owner has less than three minutes to describe everything that his website is all about when your visitor first lands on your site homepage. So this post will help analyse your visitors behaviour. I tell you if don’t learn how they behave when they first lands on yours website, what post they are reading and which location they are coming from then you will not know how to please them. You will just be wasting time on your website. Let me ask, “What you are offering in your site is it for you or for your visitors?” It is for your visitors right? Again, if you are selling a product on your site, are you selling them to buy them? I know your answer will be capital NO. Which I strongly know that that was your answer. So, now i think you get where i am going to. And that is why all your concern should be how your visitor behave and how to meet to their needs.
Let me tell you, it is not about your website, it is all about your user, your visitors. Don’t make the mistake of branding your product on the first and the centre of your homepage.
When a visitor lands on your website. He will spend a minute looking at your site menu and then he will scroll down to the footer, looking at the footer and then at then at his right side on the screen. He won’t be on a haste to rush into reading your content. Now, he will scroll back to the top of the menu then try clicking the menu and links this time. He will wait few seconds when the page doesn’t deliver what it has within millisecond. Bam! He will go off. So how to overcome this is to start looking at your visitor’s action. Your visitors only concern is what they will get from you so you better be quick and tell them right away or they’ll find another site.
Try and check up this post which User Experience And User Interface. it will help you to know how to get the best from your visitors

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