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How To Solve Squares That Ends With "5'" in 3seconds

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PostLillian on Tue 27 Mar 2018, 9:00 am

Goodmorning To All Igbo Palace member. Let me teach a little maths tricks before I before i dose off.

This is how to solve any square than ends with "5" it in 2 seconds!!

Now, Let do one example: Find the square of 25

Just multiply 2 by the next preceding number in the numerical sequence (so what is coming after when you count 2 is 3)
==>2 x 3 = 6

You should know that the square of 5 =>25
write both the results adjacent to each other==>625

Second example is finding the square of 15
what is coming after 1 in the numerical sequence is 2

So, just multiply the two
==>1 x 2 =2
You should know that the square of 5 =>25
write both the results adjacent to each other==>225

The above goes for every other number that ends with a '5'.

Please hit like if you think I tried. hahahaha
Try others ones here, lets see if i am correct..

Yes! You will not like to comment to this topic but I'll not stop to post new and great topics....

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