Things Most Website Owners Try To Lie About Their Website

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PostWeapon on Fri 21 Mar 2014, 1:29 am

Hundred of site owners has been dishonest as regards to their website. They fudge several things about their website in other to make it attractive to their visitors to sign up, subscribe or to purchase their products. Even when first SE ranking began, hundreds of website owner has been so dishonest and make up lies which I will throw into exposure. Several other expects of other of fudging has kept algorithm unstable for some time on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

So, I have taken time to compile at least top 7 things you should know about what website owner try to lies about their website.
A. Testimonies: Many sites such as PTC sites and other kind of site try to fake up testimonies about their products and services using different emails and usernames. In other to make their attractive.

B. Sales: website owners try to stimulate they gain in his products and services hereby making exaggeration of his sale.

C. Traffic of site: Google Analytic tool has made this impossible for the moment.

D. Although, site owners are always tempted to fake their site traffic by increasing the time frame which a visitor is considered to be logged out.

E. Content Source : Many site owners lie about their content and its source. They tell their visitors that they are the actual write of the content in their website whereas it is duplicate.

F. Security: I know most of you must have tried to comment on a blog and you often see something like this
“Your E-mail will never be displayed”

. Yep! I have seen such empty promises. But the truth is that most of the often sell you e-mail to spammers who will then begin to send you spam into your email account. Then this spammers will tell their customer that they have millions of e-mail accounts in their database.

G. Purchasing of product: Some site owners will lie about their product especially e-book seller her in Nigeria. They will present it in a spectacular way and when you purchase it, oh it will have nothing to deliver, just a duplicate of what is in other websites.

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Post2go on Wed 30 Apr 2014, 1:21 pm

Yea! Most site lie about traffic and testimomies about their site and/or product
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PostRooneyman on Tue 06 May 2014, 8:55 pm

If i was the thread creator, i would have give you "The Best Reply". Most site own write testimonies and distribute them to their members to post. Or they can even post them themselves via different username
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