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The Cheapest browsing network in Nigeria

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PostDeswimmer on Sat 22 Mar 2014, 9:01 pm

1. The most affordable data plan for browsing is Airtel. They are the ones that offers the cheapest data plans in Nigeria. However, most plans are Blackberry plans. But the plans can also work on other devices unlike other Telecomm networks.

Airtel offers unlimited data plan which is 2GB for 1,500 Naira, and this could last for 30days. To subscribe to it dial: 440*16#.

However, because of device and sim differences, if it does not work in your device, here is what to do add 10MB daily data of N100 to it. And you are there.

You can also get 3GB for Night only at 2,500 Naira. To subscrib for it dial: *141*12*6# and lasts for 30 days.

2. Another network that offers cheap data bundle plan is MTN.
Their current cheap data plan is the night browsing. Some say it work 24/7, I'm not so sure but I know it works at night.

See how it works, when you subscribe to it, you will be give 4.5GB. 1.5Gb from the 4.5GB is your bonus which works at all time and the remaining 3GB is the plan you subscribed for. To subscribe for 4.5GB at a rate of 2,500 Naira sending 102 to 131.

3. Now, we move to GLO data plan. This all that affordable, however it is considerable you will be enjoying double data each time you subscribe to "My Phone" Bolt Plan.

Each time you subscribe to their 800MB you will get 1.6GB instead of 800MB.

To subscribe, Dial *127*55# or send '55' to 127. It costs N2,000 for 30 days.

4. Finally, we are on Etisalat which don the carry last. For me I can'2 see any cheap data plan in this network. But their network is fast and reliable. You can get 200MB for N1, 000, 500MB for N2, 000 etc.

Now you know them all make your choice.

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PostZenith on Mon 24 Mar 2014, 7:59 am

@DeSwimmer wrote:Etisalat Unlimited Browsing Data Plans

Please note that this is not tweaks or cheat, it just their data plan for unlimited browsing

1. To browse unlimitedly for 5mins for N15 With etisalat unlimited data plan then dial *229*5*7#. This will expire at every 5mins and you can renew the data plan.

2. To browse for 1hr, download free stuff online within the 1hr, then is 15Naira twelve times (2x) which N180. Dial: *229*5*7#.

To deactivate dial *229*0#

To make the best of this offer make use of your fastest 3G or 4G device.
Whenever you disconnect the data plan, your timer stops as well.

Goodluck and thenks to Etisalat :clapping: 

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