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PostDeswimmer on Sun 30 Mar 2014, 9:16 pm

There are thousands of webpages in the internet now. And it looks as if everyone currently alive now owes a website. This fact maybe true or not. All the true fact about is that not every webpage that will definitely be displaced atop the first page when anyone Google or Bings your keyword.
There are some simple tips you can do to improve your search engine ranking with less stress rather than paying SEO experts.

Here are 9 SEO Tips
1. Usage of internal links in the appropriate place.

2. It is advisable to use appropriate and relevant keyword when getting links from other site. Remember, avoid the use of the commonly used words “Click Here”.

3. Remember to allow users to subscribe to category specific “RSS feeds” or “Atom feeds”.

4. Always make a title of each page with a unique descriptive title which includes long-tail keywords at the beginning.

5. Avoid using session id’s with your URL’s.

6. When writing Alt tags, use keywords and creative, unique description

7. It advisable to use stick tags and tag clouds

8. You webpage should be frequently update in regular basis. If your webpage content is frequently update on regular basis, search engine will love your webpage will increase your page ranking. If your have a long and as well as unstable pasting of new contents, spiders will delay reflecting your new content and probably may not actually know when to check your webpage.

9. Never you include these special charact “8”, ? or __ in your site url and other special character. Remember, that hyphen (-) can be used as long as long as do not miss use them or over use them. This will help utilize search engine friendly.

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PostDeyongs on Mon 31 Mar 2014, 7:31 am

So, regular update of website is cool. I thought it is as it was usually said that we can update one a week if the blogger is a business one.

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