Six (6) Important Steps to Improve Your Site SEO

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PostDeswimmer on Sun 30 Mar 2014, 9:23 pm

Do you owe your own website which have a clear description of whatever product and services you are offering and a website which navigate easily. And you want to be making cool cash from eat every day by day. You have to think towards the improvement of you site SEO or local think SEO to help increase Search Engine traffic organically.

Six (6) Important Steps to Improve Your Site SEO

1. Address

What you should know is that your company name, address and contact information must be displaced on every page on your site. Many people who own a website consider it irrelevant but it is important when your visitors look up, they would easily see the company name and contact info. This will make the visitor to sign up or contact you if necessary.

2. Internal Linking

You have to know that it is not getting links from other site that always matter, you can as well have link from your homepage to all your internal pages. Again, you should as well get links from your website internal pages back to your website homepage and to every other pages that is quite relevant. Doing this in your site will help create a network of links that will make it very easy for Search Engine crawlers and visitor to navigate through you website.

3. Target Audience

Before beginning any SEO at all what you have to get in your mind first is to have a clear idea of your targeted audience. I tell you, you may be very disappointed if you don’t have unidentified target audience e.g.
“When your website is taking about football and farmers are visiting it”.

Have you seen the relevance of identifiable targeted audience before indulging in any SEO or your SEO will not be focused. Do you have a website or you are planning to build one? What you should is to a clear idea of the kind of kind visitors you are looking for. Then, begin a keyword research.

4. Get Backlink and Traffic

Getting traffic to your website(s), you should get a rich network of link without relevant niche that points back to your website. These particular links in are what in called backlinks. These links will enable Google to approve you website. This will allow your website to rank high in search engine when it has more approval.

5. Public Profile

You get a business profile on different social networking site like Google Local Business Centre, Merchant Circle, yahoo Local etc.

6. Title tag

When people click on the url of your website, what are the words that is displayed stop of their browser window? That word, does it communicate keyword that is related to your website business.

Remember that your title tags on each of the page should be unique and should help identify what the page is all about and tempt people to read it.

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PostDeyongs on Mon 31 Mar 2014, 7:26 am

thank Swimmer

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