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Wein Pang *Chiness folk tale*

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Lv4: Born Poster
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Post2go on Sat 11 Jan 2014, 10:14 pm

During the Ta Li Era in the Tang Dynasty, there was a know scholar by name Wei Pang who possessed unusual strenght and who travelled at night, and ne'er felt home without his bow and arrows.
In the capital, during his travel he didn't know what to do than to walk into a family who were moving out of their house and was locking the gate. He asked the master of the house if he can spend a night in the house. The master told him that there was a dead man next door and the house was under the attack of the evil spirit. That if anyone goes in, he'll be hurt.
Wei Pang begged to be allow to spend a night in the room, he said "Just let me stay here for the night. If there is an evil spirit. I shall bear the brunt of it". The master granted him the request and led him inside and showed him everything in the house and left.
Wei made his bed in another room and his couch in the hall and opened the door. Then he blew out the candles, held his bow ready and sat there to wait for the ghost.
A bright object that looked like a large disc that shines like fire came out and flew down from the air to the door. When Wei saw this he was happy. Drawing his bow-string to the full in the dark, he let fly an arrow which hit the target in the centre. There was a crackling and flames darted out. He shot 3 times in succession, till the light grew dim. The shining object fell on the ground, it was a ghost. Wei said with a laugh, "So the master of the house was right when he said the house was under the influence of an evil spirit.
He quickly made a fire and cooked the ghost and ate.

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