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Pawpaw and its Healing Powers

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Native Doctor
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PostNative Doctor on Sat 05 Apr 2014, 11:30 pm

Pawpaw and Its Healing Power

The South American have been long known to cultivating pawpaw since pre-Columbian times. There are 22 plants and trees in the pawpaw genus but the most famous is Carica Papaya. Pawpaw (Carica Papaya) reached Europe in 1690 and Asia in the 18th Century. Pawpaw is now grown all over tropical Africa.

Pawpaw improves the digestion of protein and expels worms. The ripe fruits are rich in Vitamin A, B, and C. Vitamin A is good for eyesight. Vitamin B is good for nerved and muscles, while vitamin C strengthens the immune systems and helps to fight against illnesses.

Sicknesses and Illnesses Pawpaw can help Cure:

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms

For worm, chew two table-spoons of seeds of ripe pawpaw fruits first thing in the morning and last at night. Do this for three days. Take only fruits for every breakfast and supper for those three days.

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms External Ulcers or Sores
For chronic external ulcers or sores, cut a piece of unripe pawpaw fruit and tie directly to the wound. Do this four times daily. Continue till the wounds has dried, which will be few days or weeks. To make the wound heal faster, eat plenty of ripe pawpaw.

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms Malaria Fever
Squeeze some yellow pawpaw leaves in water. Take a glassful three times daily for seven days. The preparation is also good for jaundice. The dosage is the same.

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms Diabetes
The green leaves of pawpaw are good for diabetes and for diabetes-induced hypertension. Squeeze the green leave in water and take a glass three times daily. This preparation is also good for constipation.

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms Stomach Ulcer
Cut a big unripe pawpaw fruit into pieces. Do not remove the peel or seed. Simply cut the whole fruit into cubes. Then soak in five bottles of water for four days. Sieve and take half a glass three times daily for two weeks. This is a very good remedy for any type of intestinal ulcer.

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms Convulsion
The dry, brown pawpaw leaf is a good remedy for convulsion. Pick up dry, fallen pawpaw leaves, wash thoroughly grind into powder. Add two tablespoonful of the powder to half a glass of palm kernel oil. Stir thoroughly and rub it all over the body. This preparation is of great help during an attack of convulsion. It quickly arrests the abnormal condition. It is also helpful in cases of high fever to bring down the body temperature.

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms Asthma
Burn dried pawpaw leaves and inhale the smoke during an attack of asthma. It brings quick relief. To prevent an attack, inhale the smoke every night.

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms Bronchitis
The root of the pawpaw plant is a good remedy for respiratory problems, especially bronchitis. Bring some pawpaw roots to boil. Take half a glass thrice daily. For cough, simply chew a tender pawpaw root and swallow the juice.

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms Piles
Pawpaw root is effective for the cure of pile. Prepare as for bronchitis. Dosage is half a glass twice daily.

• How to Use Pawpaw and Treat Worms Sexual Dysfunction
Cut two unripe pawpaw fruits into pieces (seed and peel inclusive). Bring to boil in eight bottle water. Take half a glass three daily.

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