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Coconuts And Their Healing Benefits

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Native Doctor
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PostNative Doctor on Sat 05 Apr 2014, 11:36 pm

Coconuts And Their Healing Benefits

Most of us see coconut as an ordinary plant. They do not see anything unique or special in this plant. But to those who have eyes to see, the coconut plant is a blessing, a gift from nature and God.

Coconut has a scientific name as Cocos Nucifera. In Nigeria, the Hausas call it Kwakwar, in Igbo they call Ake-bake or aku-oyibo, in Yoruba it is called Agbon other names are Ivi-Obio in Bini, Uvien in Esan.

Coconut contains glycerioles of caprylic, capric, lauric, myristic, palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids. Every part of coconut is medicinal.

Sicknesses and Illnesses Coconut can help Cure:
• How to Use Coconut and Treat Fibroid

Cut the root into tiny pieces/ measure out fifteen handfuls of into ten bottles of water. Add 5 handful of xylopia aethiopica, called uda in Igbo, Erunje in Yoruba, Unien in Essan. Bring to boil. Allow it to stand 24hours.

Dosage: ½ glass thrice daily

• How to Use Coconut and Treat Bronchitis
Chop an equal amount of pawpaw roots and coconut roots into pieces. Measure 10 handfuls of each into 10 litres of water. Add 5 bulbs of garlic. Bring to boil. Allow it to cool and mix with one bottle of honey.

Dosage: ½ glass three times daily.

• How to Use Coconut and Treat Hepatitis and Dysentery
Grind the dried coconut root into powder and follow the formula below

• 8 dessertspoons of coconut root
• 8 dessertspoons of powdered bitter kola
• 2 tablespoons of powdered bird’s pepper
• Recipe: Mix all together and add to 1 bottle of honey
• Dosage: 2 dessertspoons thrice daily.
This is a very effective remedy for hepatitis and jaundice.

Others Are
The water in the coconut is an excellent cleanser. The coconut water strengthens the immune system and helps it to resist illnesses. This is an example, if you are given some chemical antibiotics like chloramphenicol or amoxil in the hospital, you will be instructed not to drink coconut water because it will neutralize the effect of the drug. If a child or adult takes an overdose of a dangerous drug administer coconut water to neutralize the side effects.
The bark of the plant dried and burnt into ashes is effective remedy for skin ailments like rashes, black spots, scabies and measles. Simply mix two-dessert spoons of the powder with half a glass of palm kernel oil. Apply to the affected part.
For tooth ache, mix two tablespoonfuls of the ashes with one shot of dry fin. Stir it well and use as a mouth wash.

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