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Top 68 Beautiful Pet Names for Your Girlfriend/Wife

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Lv2: Member
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PostSeater on Thu 17 Apr 2014, 7:51 am

1. Beautiful
2. Cute Queen
3. My Adorable
4. My Angel
5. My Beautiful Beloved
6. My Beloveth
7. My Blissful Smile
8. My Darling
9. My Dearest
10. My Dream Girl
11. My Empress
12. My Everlasting Darling
13. My Everlasting Wife
14. My Everything
15. My First Lady
16. My Gorgeous Angel
17. My Heartbeat
18. My Heart Desire
19. My Home
20. My Honey
21. My Jewel
22. My Lovely
23. Your Majesty
24. My Morning Sunshine
25. My One and Only
26. My One In A Million
27. My Passionate
28. My Passion
29. My Precious
30. My Precious Price
31. My Priceless Wife
32. My Princess
33. My Promised girl
34. My Beloved
35. My Beloveth
36. My Promised Wife
37. My Queen
38. My Soul mate
39. My Special Star
40. My Special One
41. My Sugared Lips
42. My Sweetness
43. My True Love
44. My World
45. My Sweetheart
46. My Sunshine
47. My Treasure
48. The Queen that dwells in my Paradise
49. The Queen of Beauty
50. The Love of My life
51. The Gold of my Heart
52. The Indian Princess
53. The Magic Princess
54. The Queen of my Heart
55. The Light of my Life
56. The Mirror of Beauty
57. The Subject of my Affection
58. The Apple of my Heart
59. The Apple of My Eyes
60. The Charming Queen
61. The Golden Beauty
62. The Rising Sun
63. The Pretty Princess
64. The Charming (Insert her name)
65. The Sparkles of beauty
66. The Dazzling Star
67. The Twinkling Beauty
68.     The beauty of the rising sun

Which of the above names woukd you like to be called or which of the names would you like to call your wife or girlfriend?
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PostHatch on Thu 17 Apr 2014, 8:20 am

My Queen.

I will always treat her like a queen queen
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PostLillian on Thu 17 Apr 2014, 5:53 pm

I call him my Hero
Lv2: Member
Lv2: Member
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PostWizards on Thu 17 Apr 2014, 6:19 pm

I will call her all these if I meet the right one

My Special Star
The Apple of my Heart
My Treasure
Lv3: Senior Member
Lv3: Senior Member
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PostGodfather on Fri 18 Apr 2014, 7:43 am

my first lady n my heartbeat
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Lv4: Born Poster
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PostBarcaman on Mon 21 Apr 2014, 11:56 am

The Gold of My Heart
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PostParadise on Sat 11 Jun 2016, 2:13 pm

The prettiest Queen among queens
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