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History About Religion

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PostBarcaman on Thu 24 Apr 2014, 5:54 pm

History About Religion

According to well know etymology of the term the Latin word “religion” is derived from re-regere meaning to be “attentive” to pounder and observe to peep together as opposed to negligere (neglect) under minded thus religious means the consecution fulfillment of duty awe of higher power.

The general definition of religion designates the relation of humanity to sacred the divine. Religion is the conscious and effective recognition of absolute reality (the sacred of divine) all humanity is essentially dependent either the submission to it or total or identification with it.

The word religion has been defined in it several ways as a manifestation of a power which transients our knowledge which is higher than our knowledge. Religion can also be seen as belief in a supernatural being to a power above a man, the supernatural is persistence value to the world. The essence of religion lies in the believed to be existent to the inbuilt with super human quality.

Man is a religious being his religions was taken endless forms he has many means for god and goddesses, the rituals through which he or (man) has sought protections varies from the horrible to the sublime but wherever and however he lived, from the time he became man, man has worshiped and has often shown a believe that he purchase an immortal soul.

From the above explanation, we can now draw a conclusion on the definition of a religion as the recognition of a higher being and also a relationship between God and man.

The chamber twentieth (20th) dictionary defined religion as belief in and awaking sense on a controlling power or powers with the emotion and mortality connected rites or worship.

Finally religion gives meaning to man’s relationship with the supreme being.

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