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Hinduism and its Characteristics

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PostBarcaman on Thu 24 Apr 2014, 6:09 pm


Hinduism stands for the civilization of the Hindus before the 19th century had no common name for the religious practices nor had any strong sense of communal identity. Hinduism is a collection name for all the traditional religious existing in the western part of India. The name Hinduism was derived from the Persian word for India, Hindu, by the European Scholars of 19th century to describe the peoples religious confession. This religion was mordinised by the Aryan who invaded India in the middle of the 2nd millennium BC (a period of 1000 years) . this Aryans (noble men) priests composed the hymns which were added to the Hindus most sacred book VEDA (book of knowledge).

Hinduism is based on knowledge called Veda which was written by the first people who received the message, they are the blessed men. (RISHIS) The Veda is written in san skirt (Sacred knowledge). The  sacred writing is divided into two, that is, Suruti (hearing) and smriti.

This is made of written (writing) considered to be internal knowledge had by rishis (the holy ones). Also belonging to this group are writing called the Veda. Them under this Veda we have the Brahmanas, Aranyakas Upanishads.

Means memory and applied to another group of writings which are considered to be the record remembered and transmitted from generation to generation e.g. SURUTAS and PURAHNAS.

1. The Dhama

2. thrArtha

3. the Karima

4. Morksha

A. DHAMA: A live modeled according to religious love or uprightness of life. This is an active period of education discipline and hard work.

B. ARTHA: They belief in Brahaman (God) the ultimate from whom the universe and all being emanated  from. The beginners of all things and the one and all.

They belief in “ATMAN” that is , the supreme manifest himself in everyone. Hindu believes in the Veda, a sacred literature, believed to have revealed the absolute truth unknown to man.

Hindu also believes in transmigration. That the soul inhabits many bodies in its journey through the cosmos until reaches the final goal.

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