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Jainism and Their Believe

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PostBarcaman on Thu 24 Apr 2014, 6:13 pm


It is a religion preached by MAHAVIRA, due to his victory after clashing with other religion in India-he-became Jain-(Victorious).

Manavira who is the leader of this religions was born in the middle of the 6th century (1599 BC).

Jainism as preached by Manavirhad a wide doctrine, it deals with pragmatic rituals, a rich mythology, detailed, ethics just like Hinduism and purse inner contemplative experience (ilrascendental knowledge).

Jainism did not agree with the existence of God as a creator, rather they agree that the effigy of their great teachers the (Tirthankaras) who did the faithfully to cross the stream of existence to the other side of liberation, Nivana. (Nivana the highest point of holiness/Moksha/Hindu) the teachers like the Parva and Mahaviva were reverenced as gods and had mythology wavering around them.

There is belief that one’s soul is entangled with material (bliss perfect-happiness) things that the soul must be freed from this entanglement for its enjoys self-sufficient bliss for all the eternity.

In Jain knowledge is said to be the key to salvation. Spiritual ignorance is cause of the problems man is having not sin.

Jain’s believes in vivacity (high spirited) all beings, that is its adherent carries the doctrine of Ahimsa (nonviolence). A Jain cannot kill even an ant because such an act is enough to deprive him the eternal happiness. To them the maltreatment of fine and water brings warm to the soul, it is prohibited to kill anything.

Jain man is a vegetarian, he does not involves in any profession of craft that involves injury to living things. Their profession is teaching.

Jain as a moral belief renounces, lying, greedy, ticketing et al. there is a deep practice meditation called dhyana.

In conclusion two sets Jain religion. The two sets of Jainism are Digambaras and Suetambraras.

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