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Sun 17 Mar 2019, 8:10 am

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Topic: UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals Live Draws & Fixtures
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Since, we have been kicked out of the UEFA Shamefully, unexpectedly and prematurely... I will through my weight to barca lets keep retaining the spain.

#lol. I hope I didn't sound greedy coffee
I want to personally congratulate the Corps Members that pass out today being 4th April, 2018. I wish you all well as you proceed to the next level (Labour Market Level).

Below are some corps member from Igboist group:
Nwa Amaka is thanking God in a special way.. Below is her message in igboist group
Join me to thank God umunnem, the journey of 1 year just got completed, with tears in my eyes i call Jesus 


 he said it n he made it come through. I wish my dad was here to see his daughter accomplish one of her biggest dream. Dad where ever you are right now i know you are happy dat your baby girl did it. All thanks to God Almighty, my mum, my siblings, Mr Ikechukwu Onwualia n Ebytest. I love you all. Done n Dusted

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Chioma Vivian is also thanking God almighty as she says:
join me and thank God for leading me this far. Nysc done and dusted.

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Ogechinyerem Gilbert is celebrating one of her special day POP day: queen cheers
she says;
Onu m juru na ekele!
Thank God for a successful POP
Umunne m soro m kelee Chukwu

I am still dancing my village dance.[ltr]#lol[/ltr]#

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And to all the IGBOISTS we could not remember we celebrate your POP with you.... Just know that you are not left out. Thanks! respect flower

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