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NEw: MTN Nigeria Cheaper Data Plan that works On All Devices Including Laptop

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PostWebtech on Sat 21 May 2016, 12:23 pm

MTN Daily Data Plan

The daily plan has two stages, the first is 100 Naira and the second is 200 Naira. Both are valid for 24 hours, but with different data cap and price. So depend on what you want and how much you budget.
Price: 100/200 Naira
Data: 30MB/100MB
Valid: 24 hours
To Subscribe: SMS 104 to 131 / SMS 113 to 131

MTN Weekly Data Plan

Price: 500 Naira
Data: 750MB
Valid: 7 Days
To Subscribe: SMS 103 to 131

MTN Monthly Data Plan
The monthly has four stages with different price and different data. the higher the price the more the data.

1.5GB Monthly Data
Price: 1,000 Naira
Valid: 30 Days
To Subscribe: SMS 106 to 131

3.5GB Monthly Data
Price: 2,000 Naira
Valid: 30 Days
To Subscribe: SMS 110 to 131

10GB Monthly Data
Price: 5,000 Naira
Valid: 30 Days
To Subscribe: SMS 116 to 131

22GB Monthly Data
Price: 10,000 Naira
Valid: 30 Days
To Subscribe: SMS 117 to 131

Supper Cheap Night Plan

Also, MTN released a Night plan at a very affordable price for those who prefer browsing at Night. With as low as 25 Naira you get as much as 500MB to browse at Night, Here the procedure
Price: 25 Naira
Data: 500MB
To Subscribe: SMS NIGHT to 131
Valid: Fromm 00:00am to 04:00am

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