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PostPlatemoney on Wed 13 Jul 2016, 3:07 am

1) Dem say no matter how nyash make yanga reach, legs must still enter house before am ;D MEANING: No matter how important you think you are, there are still people who are ahead of you.

2) When dem dey call names of sickness, craw-craw go still dey one corner dey jump. MEANING: You are trying to place yourself in a position you are not entitled to.

3) When fish dor too tay for river, dem go call am juju ;D MEANING: When a person has held a position for too long, he would be seen as a god. E.g, Robert Mugabe ;)

4) No matter how woman worwor reach, she go still get belle! MEANING: There's always a man for every woman.

5) When dem tell a guy man say e dor fvck-up, e go say dat na em style ;D MEANING: People hardly own up to their mistakes.

6) Small pikin wey say e wan carry em papa for shoulder, na big odolondolo go suffocate am o! MEANING: Don't think you know more than the elders.

7) When you tell Mama Mudiaga say her banga rice sweet well well, she go tell you say dat na because you no taste yesterday own. MEANING: People always exaggerate their skills.

8. Bird wey go perch for rope, say rope no go rest, dat bird no go rest too because na so both of dem go dey dance kirimormor. MEANING: He who troubles people will not know peace too.

9) Na too much groundnut oil na em make puff-puff shine pass buns! ;D MEANING: Sometimes, the most outspoken person is not the brightest.

10) Snake wey say na tortoise back e wan bite, na toothache go kill am! ;D MEANING: Don't attempt to attack someone when you know it won't have any effect.

You can add yours!

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