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Relocating To Lagos? Here Are 13 Things To Note About Job Opportunities In Lagos

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PostBiafranpalace on Tue 07 Mar 2017, 6:52 pm

Lagos is a big city full of many job opportunities. And guess what! If you can hustle and succeed in Lagos you can succeed anywhere. But there are things you need to be aware of to help you leave in peace and have better job opportunities in the city.
Here are 13 things I wasn’t aware of before relocating to Lagos for job opportunities.

Transportation fare to your work place can consume 80% of your salary: Lagos is not like any other smaller cities. Transportation cost to your work place can take 80-90% of your monthly income. So many workers stay far from their work place so they spend more on transportation daily.

Verify before going for any job interview: When invited for any interview try to verify, look for information about the company before going just to avoid fake, scam job opportunities and kidnappings.
Giving out your mobile phone numbers to online or offline job forum is like an invitation to so many fake job opportunities: Am not saying that both online and offline job forums are bad and fake but here are too many of them out there. Many of them are fake. They will request for your email and mobile phone numbers. Most of them when you give them your email address and phone numbers, you are just inviting the devil and thousands of his demons to visit you and feast on your head. Because they will keep sending you fake job interviews, invites and job opportunities.
Your mobile phone should be on your hand not your pockets most times: I won’t forget a bad experience I encountered some few months back in Oshodi. My phone was in my pocket and within minutes it wasn’t there anymore. I have been pickpocketed. And I was expecting an important call and invite. In Lagos, make sure you keep your phones safe. After my bad experience, I have come to learn that some places I find myself in Lagos, I always have my phones in my hands.

The fact there is an office doesn’t make it a real job: I was invited for an offer some few months ago. I was so happy and elated that I make enquiries concerning the company online. I saw they have offices in some area in Lagos. Not until I went on the day I was invited that I discovered they were scam. They were demanding money from job applicants. Na so I run. Some gullible people paid ooo. So the fact a company has an office doesn’t really mean they offer a real job opportunities. So be careful.
Half of the job opportunities you are going to apply for in Lagos are sometimes not real: I have sometimes wondered why I keep on applying for the same job position for 5 months. The company will bring up an advert for the job role and I will apply. The next month they do the same. Another month the same thing and no interview yet. Sometimes they even call for interviews. And I begin to wonder, “have they not gotten the right person for the job?”
Sometimes the company must have selected their preferred candidate but will still go ahead to interview and waste the time of other candidates just to look as if they are genuinely recruiting.

Job opportunities in Island pay more than Mainland: I never knew this till I confirmed it that most big multinational companies are concentrated in island and they pay more than companies on the mainland.
Getting a job in Lagos is easy but stressful but getting the kind of job you want is not easy: Getting a job in Lagos is very easy. Yes easy! It’s easy to get any kind of job but to get the kind of job you love, want and be very comfortable and satisfied is not so easy. It’s not easy but very stressful.
GNLD, scam and fake job opportunities are mostly mainland concentrated: The most fake jobs and interview we come across in Lagos are most done on the mainland. I guess island is too expensive to harbor scam and fake job opportunities.
Degree is Good but you still have to be “street smart”: You have a degree, “yes its good,” but street wise you have to be smart to survive job hunting in Lagos. I realized I was not the only one looking for job and the best are not the ones getting the job but the ones with the right information which in turn gives you that street smartness.
Street smartness I mean is being aware of what is happening around you. Many jobs are not advertised but from “hear say.”

A job might not give you satisfaction but provided it pays your bills just keep doing it: At first I was doing shakara and rejecting some job offers because I wasn’t going to get satisfaction from it. not until my staying at home jobless was becoming permanent, and I came to realize that some people receiving huge salaries in the jobs are not getting satisfaction but due to it pays their bills they have to continue. Na so me change oo. A job might not give you satisfaction but please keep it provided it’s paying your bills.

You don’t need to receive monthly wage of N60,000 above to realize you have a good job: When I was offered N60k per month salary in a company, I cried foul because the money wasn’t enough. Not until I saw some other people in other organizations doing the same kind of job and paid N40k and are happy. When you see them you won’t even know and I began wondering how they do it. Ask them and they tell you they have a good job.

So many people that dresses cute and works in big companies don’t earn big salaries: When I newly relocated to Lagos, I made a friend with a lady who works in a bank, and I must say one of the things I noticed about her was her sense of dressing. She has a good dress sense that I began almost believing she was a top officer in the bank. She dresses cute each time she’s going to work. I noticed it because we stay in the same compound. Not until we became very close to her and she opened up to me that she earns N40k per month. She was earning N60k but the bank reduced the salaries of staff due to recession. As she dey tell me na so my mouth open dey look her. Thank God fly didn’t enter my mouth.
I also know of others who work in big companies but earning small salaries.

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PostSandra on Wed 08 Mar 2017, 8:42 am

surprise this is scary

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