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35 Words You Are Pronouncing Wrongly!

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PostGold on Mon 08 Jan 2018, 6:54 pm

Today we shall be learning 35 words that are commonly pronounced incorrectly, and how to correctly pronounce these.

Let's begin

1. Pronunciation
Although we pronounce the word, pronounce as /prə-nouns/, the correct way to pronounce the word pronunciation is /prə-nən-si-'ei-shən/.

2. Says
This word is commonly mispronounced by people learning English as /saiz/, but the correct way to pronounce the word is /sez/.

3. Etcetera (etc)
Although many people pronounce the word as /ek-'se-tra/, the correct pronunciation however is /et-'se-tə-rə/ or /et-'se-trə/ (this pronunciation is less common but it's ok).

4. Often
Now many people pronounce this word with the t. That is not wrong, but a more preferable pronunciation is /ɒ-fən/.

5. Women
Nigerians alike have perfected the art of mispronouncing words. Now although we pronounce woman as /wu-mən/, the correct pronunciation for the word women, is infact /wi-min/.

6. Police
The correct pronunciation is /pə-'lees/. shikenan

7. Vehicle
If you guessed /'vee-ə-kl/ then you are correct.

8. Genre
The correct pronunciation for this word is /'zhɒn-rə/.

9. Video
The important thing to note in this one is that the i and the e are pronounced as short i sounds. So it's /'vi-di-o/. Tan queue, Shola.

10. Comment
Most speakers in Nigeria will pronounce this word as /kə-ment/ or /koment/, but the real pronunciation is /'kɒ-ment/. The secret is in realizing that the stress is in the first syllable. You can simply watch this 9 seconds video for the vocals.

11. Suite
This word is pronounced, /'sweet/ and not /'soot/

12. Restaurant
This word is not pronounced, /'rest-orant/ as many Nigerian speakers will make us believe, as a matter of fact the correct pronunciation for this word is /'res-tə-rɒnt/. You might hear some British speakers pronouncing this word as /res-trɒnt/. This is also correct

13 Sewage
I hear a lot of Nigerians pronounce this word as /'sea-wage/. This is incorrect as the correct way to pronounce the word is /'soo-ij/.

14. Breakfast

15. Vegetable
The e after the g is silent, and so the pronunciation is /'vej-tə-bl/

16. Cucumber
Ladies and gentlemen, it's not /'koo-koom-ba/. It is /'kyoo-kəm-bər/. Also make sure you pronounce the r

17. Lettuce
This vegetable is called /'letis/

Many word in the English language have silent letters or alphabets we don't pronounce. Take for instance

18. Receipt
Here the p is silent, and so the pronunciation becomes /ri-'seet/.

19. Debt
Here too the b is silent in this word, and so the pronunciation becomes /'det/.

20. Mortgage
This word that means a loan that a bank gives you to buy a house is actually pronounced /'mor-gij/ and you have to pronounce the R too. It's not there for nothing.

21. Subtle
How will you say this word? It is /'sə-tl/ because the b is silent.

22. Singer
In this word, the g is silent and so our end pronunciation is /'siŋ-er/. Other words like younger and finger have the G present but not in singer... no, it's not.

23. Plumber
The mistake that Nigerians make is pronouncing this word with the B in it and so replacing the R with an A. The correct pronunciation for this word is /'pləm-ər/.

In many words when you have the combination letters, m and b, the b is silent. Like comb or climb or even thumb and tomb

24. Bury
Apparently one of the words that Nigerians pronounce correctly is bury. It is pronounced /'beri/ as like berry. Forget those Nollywood actors.

25. Wednesday
This day of the week is pronounced without the first D. The pronunciation is /'wenz-deɪ/.

26. Sword
This word is pronounced /'sord/ with the R inclusive. So don't go pronouncing the word as so:d then that will just be absurd.

27. Arctic

28. Mischievous
I hear a lot of people pronounce this word as /'mis-chi-vi-yourz/, and that is wrong. The correct way is /'mis-chi-vəs/.

29. Tuition
The right way to pronounce this word is /tu-'wi-shən/. British call it /tyu-'wi-shən/. Both are correct.

If you pronounce the word as /zoo-lo-ji/ or /zoo-a-lo-ji/ then you're wrong. The correct pronunciation for this word is /zo-ɒ-lə-ji/.

31. Develop

32. Photography

3. Jewelry
Although it's spelt differently in American and British English, the pronunciation is the same. /'joo-əl-ri/

34. Quote
Often mispronounced the same as coat, the correct pronunciation for this word is /'kwot/.

35. Schedule
American pronunciation is /'ske-jool/ and the British pronunciation is /'shɛ-jool/ or /'shɛd-yool/

36. Bonus lesson
Am is a state of being verb. I'm is a contraction that means I am. So how we came to a point where people use 'am' in place of 'I'm' is mind boggling. 

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Lv3: Senior Member
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PostSweethoney on Thu 15 Feb 2018, 2:59 pm

@Gold most of the world you listed is how we pronounce them here in Nigeria now. I mean most part of nigeria

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