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68 Usefulness of Honey

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PostDeyongs on Mon 31 Mar 2014, 9:18 am

68 Usefulness of Pure Honey

1. Honey help control wound infection

2. Prevention of post surgical wound infection

3. Honey improves food assimilation

4. Honey has a great value in digestion disturbance

5. Honey is useful for chronic and infective intestinal problems

6. Honey aids in the healing of duodenal ulcers

7. Honey helps in healing of live disturbances.

8. The flavor of honey excites the appetite and helps digestion

9. Honey is successful in the treatment of various gastrointestinal disorders

10. Honey is a remedy colds

11. Honey is a remedy for mouth problems

12. Honey is a remedy other problems

13. Honey iis Remedy for bronchial irritations and infections (as a result of soothing and relaxing effect of fructose and the antibacterial effects)

14. Treatment of burns

15. Honey help minimizes disfiguring scar

16. Honey helps in diabetic foot

17. Honey helps in sore throat

18. Honey promotes higher mental efficiency

19. Honey is found useful in different cases of digestive or assimilative problem

20. Honey helps improves calcium fixation in burns

21. Honey helps in the curing of anemia

22. Honey has a good nutrition

23. Honey is also used in the manufacturing of sauces

24. Honey is used in the preparation of canned meat and honey hams

25. Distilled alcoholic beverages incorporate honey as a flavoring agents after distillation

26. Honey helps in curing anorexia or nervosa

27. In most African parts, honey is used in brewing honey beer

28. Honey is a very good source in the case of malnutrition

29. Honey helps in preventing disease

30. Honey is used in pharmaceutical preparations applied directly on open wounds, sores, bedsores, ulcer, varicose ulcers and burns.

31. Honey is against infections

32. Honey promotes tissue regeneration

33. Honey reduces scarring

34. Honey reduces blistering of burns if applied immediately

35. Honey speeds regeneration of new tissues

36. Honey supports the treatment of respiratory irritations and infections

37. Honey normalizes kidney functions

38. Honey reduces fevers

39. Honey helps in cases of insomnia

40. Honey also helps in recovery from alcohol intoxication

41. Honey protect the liver

42. Honey helps in the heart circulation

43. Honey is used as a wound dressing has been reported to promote the formation of clean healthy granulation tissue.

44. Honey provides immediately available calories from which it derives its energy value for healthy and sick people

45. Honey provides quick access to energy without requiring lengthy or complicated digestive action

46. Topical applications of honey under controlled conditions have shown accelerated wound healing inn postoperative in human kinds

47. Honey is antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial and it never spoil.

48. According to recorded clinical observations, the use of honey clears inflammation

49. Honey clears inflammation

50. Swelling and pains are quickly reduced with the use of honey.

51. Honey helps reduce odour

52. Sloughing of necrotic tissue is induced

53. Honey hastens granulation

54. Honey helps healing to occur speedily with minimal scarring

55. The simultaneous stimulation of tissue regeneration by honey reduces scarring

56. Dressing applied with honey to not sick to the wounds or delicate new skin

57. Honey is beneficial to eye disorder

58. Honey is a remedy and cures cataracts

59. Honey reduces and cures conjunctivitis

60. Honey helps in the treatment of ulcers

61. Honey helps in dressing wounds

62. Honey provides protective barrier

63. Honey creates a moist wound-healing environment in the form of a solution that does not stick to wound tissues

64. Honey has been known to reduce inflammation

65. Honey acts as a decongestant

66. Honey is good as antiseptic

67. Honey is useful as a sedative

68. Honey is useful in managing constipation and obesity

To Read on The How To Use Honey and Cure Most Diseases, See How To Use Honey and Cure Hundreds of Diseases

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