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Olive Oil and Types Of Olive Oil

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PostParadise on Fri 04 Apr 2014, 11:15 pm

Virgin Olive Oil
This is the raw oil pressed from the flesh of the olive fruit. But before this, the foreign bodies have been first filtered and removed. It has a distinctive full aroma and flavour. This is not chemically treated in any way. Its colour is greenish yellow and used for adding finishing touches to cooking. This is divided into two major types.

Two Major Types of Virgin Olive Oil
A)     Extra Virgin Oil: This is the highest grade. It has an absolute perfect taste and is of the highest quality. It has a minimum organoleptic rating of 6.5 out of 10 and has low acidity of 1%.
B)      Virgin Olive Oil: this is of the Second grad. Pressing crushed olive fruits in coarse bags and skimming the oil means through which this oil is mainly obtained. This is done by mechanical or other physical means and does not lead to alterations in the oil.
2.       Refined Olive Oil
This is oil of the second pressing and has been refined. It is blended for used as cooking oil and also used as an ingredient in medicines and cosmetics. This has two major types.

Two Major Types of Refined Olive Oil
A)     Fine Virgin Olive Oil: this has absolute perfect taste and odour with acidity of less than 1.5%
B)      Semi Fine Olive Oil: This has maximum acidity of 2%.
3.       Pure Olive Oil
This is the refined olive oil that has gone through the ordinary refinement process for cooking fats and oils which involves alkaline refining, decolourization and deodorization and blends of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil. It is pale and transparent gold in colour. It has light mild flavour and mostly cheaper than virgin olive oil. It is the best type for deep frying. This has two major types.

Two Major Types of Pure Olive Oil
A)     Pure Olive Oil: This has minimum organoleptic rating. Its acidity is 2%. A blend of refined virgin oil and olive oil.

B)      Pomace Olive Oil: This is ideal for deep-frying and baking. Its acidity is not more than 2% and flavoured with virgin oil.
4.       Virgin Olive Oil Lampante:
Virgin Olive oil that is not fit for consumption (off taste and off smelling). This is either refined for future blending or used for technical purposes.

The Importance of Olive Oil
The belief that olive oil gives strength and youth seems to be universal. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and has the power of sustaining life for long periods when rubbed all over the body (even when no food is taken by the stomach). Olive oil also stands out in its use in:
1.       Medicine
2.       Cosmetics and ointments
3.       Food lubrication
4.       Burnt in the sacred lamps of temples (illumination)
5.       Bread offerings
6.       Leaves used in crowning victors in games and wars
7.       Anointing of distinguished guests as a way of conferring honour on them
8.       Garnishing of fruit and vegetable salads.

Know Your Blood Group and The Type of Oil to use
Everybody is very happy to use olive oil because it has been found to be very necessary to our diets. It also help to assimilate vitamins and minerals and very easy to digest. Many eminent dieticians and doctors will insist on the use of olive oil. A good example is Dr Peter D’ Adamo, a naturopathic doctor who popularized the use of blood type to determine different food for different blood groups and through this way determine each person’s susceptibility to illness, cure and how to avoid them.
Here is his advice to different blood groups which he refers to as “type” on the use of oil.

For People with Blood Group “O”:
People with types O blood group, know it that type Os respond very well to oils. They can be an important source of nutrition and an aid to elimination. You will increase their value in your system, if you limit your use to the monounsatured varieties, such as olive oil and linseed oil. This oil has positive effects on the heart and arteries, and may even help to reduce blood cholesterol.

For People with Blood Group “A”:
Type As need very little fat to function well, but a tablespoon of olive oil on salads or streamed vegetables everyday will aid in digestion and elimination. As a mono-unsaturated fat, olive also has positive effects on the heart and may actually reduce cholesterol.

For People with Blood Group “B”:
Introduce olive oil into your diet to encourage digestion and healthy elimination. Use at least one tablespoon every other day.

For People with Blood Group “O”:
The type Abs should use olive oil rather than animal fats (butter, lard), hydrogenated vegetables fats (margarine) or other vegetable oils. Olive oil is a mono-unsaturated fat which is believed to contribute to lowering blood cholesterol

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